Saturday, June 28, 2008

Keeping Up with the Jones'

In the interest of everyone blogging about food today and what they are or want to eat I thought I'd just let you know that tonight my darling husband is cooking a red prawn curry with rice vermicelli for dinner and the best part, he's cooking double so we've got tomorrow nights dinner also. What - well we have to use up the whole can of coconut cream don't we. He's just taken the kids for a drive to Scarborough to Morgan's Seafood for buy some fresh green prawns. I'll finish up my computer work, have lunch then head for a snooze I suspect.


1 hr early morning walk
Breakfast of oats and powder, V8 juice, chai tea
Green tea whilst driving to Liz' Hi-Performance RPM class
RPM - awesome ride by me, awesome first-time-back teach by Liz
Post-workout yoghurt and powder with banana, pepsi max
Lunch bacon, onion, mushies, cabbage - stir-fried
2nd lunch beans, carrots, broccoli topped with cottage cheese and sweet chilli sauce
Arvo tea protein bar and apple, green tea
Snack passionfruit fromage frais
Dinner red prawn curry with rice vermicelli
Dessert chocolate deluxe protein bar, licorice tea