Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Back - From Vegas Anyhow !!

Hi y'all - how y'all all doin'?

My trip to Vegas was absolutely fantastic. Arrived home early this morning after a stressful evening with flights and cancellations and transfers not knowing if I was going to get home but I'm here. As for my bags they're not and lost, unable to be found as yet! Needless to say I'm a little tired tonight and bigger in size than when I left. On that front scheduled to hop back on the wagon tomorrow starting out with an early morning run or walk if I can't manage to get these fluid filled legs moving.

I've only a few photos to begin with as I left it up to my sister to take most of the pics since she has a better camera than me. Not now though since I bought a new one which is in my luggage!

So, starting out:

We stayed here:

Our first night going out:

Anyone hungry? Can you believe this? One of the few foods I did not try:

Or maybe thirsty? Damn I wish tequilla was my drink of choice at that price:

A helicopter flight took us into the Grand Canyon and landed for a champagne picnic lunch:

We went on the bus (The Deuce) heading just a couple of kilometres to see the fabulous Freemont St which is the original "strip" but due to traffic we were on the bus for over an hour and didn't make it before midnight when they turned the lights off overhead (how pissed off were we!):

So, instead we just bought a drink (no brown paper bag in Vegas, it's blue plastic bag). I couldn't believe you could drink in the streets (check out the sign above):

More photos later, including me dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly, the beautiful lights of Vegas from overhead, a new addition to my body - actually two, my fabulous shopping purchases; hangbags - yes there are a few, lots of bling, gym wear, shoes - again a few, cycle jersey plus lots more so stay tuned. This is, of course, assuming my bags turn up! Cross your fingers please.