Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love em or Hate em

The scales showed a drop this morning of 2.6 kg's from yesterday. I am now resembling less of a pufferfish. My legs are branches this morning rather than tree trunks. My ankles are returning. I swear yesterday it was like I was 8 months pregnant again my feet were that swollen from odema.

Got me thinking about the effect a piece of metal has on me. I love the thrill of seeing the number go down. The challenge before me. Is this why I continue to sabotage myself? So that I can set and reach goals? I remember pre-comp everytime a number goal was set for me upon coming close I would blow it. I know Liz tells me and everyone else that it's just a piece of metal and a number but I think as a figure competitor they become important to us. Somehow after comp we're supposed to just forget about them but anyone that says that's easy is full of shit. I'm not ready to live without them or food scales or cal king just yet!