Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Following On

Following on from Liz' post tonight I have to say that I'm in agreeance. I've come to realise what's the point of eating something that you don't like or enjoy. I have Vital Greens in the cupboard and yes before comp there were times that I had a shake for breakfast made from green tea, vital greens, protein powder & strawberries (a total Precision Nutrition compliant meal) but I did this so that I had more calories to eat during the day when I needed them most. Post comp I tried to do the same thing one day. It didn't satisfy my tummy nor my tastebuds so I ended up eating a second breakfast of oats & powder and then a third of whatever I could get my hands on and the whole day blew out from there so I ask you what is the point?

When I read of figure competitors dieting on chicken and tuna and lettuce I feel pity for them. You may call me lucky to have the metabolism I have but I've worked bloody hard over the past year and a bit to get it to where it is now which means that my pre-comp diet consisted of whatever I wanted (within my calorie range) with no macronutrient eliminations. I ate protein bars and potato wedges and peanut butter and still lost weight consistently when needed.

After my return from Vegas I have my paddle in again to get back to my desired maintenance level and I'm still eating what I feel like AND losing consistently.

Here's what I ate today:

Breaky - oats & protein powder, v8 juice, chai tea, green tea
M/Tea - 3 prawn rice paper rolls (post workout) + pepsi max
Lunch - BBQ prawn Sumo salad+ pepsi max
Snack - ladyfinger banana + slim secrets bar
Snack - apple + cottage cheese, peanut butter, protein powder, green tea
Snack - handful almonds + 1 prawn rice paper roll
Dinner - Omelette with broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, onion, beans, carrots, slice cheese
Snack - medium white potato with tomato sauce, licorice tea

And tomorrow:

Breaky - omelette with mushrooms, capsicum, onions, spinach, chai tea
M/Tea - ladyfinger banana, tub yoghurt + protein powder, green tea
Lunch - big bowl potato wedges, cottage cheese, sweet chilli sauce, pepsi max
Snack - apple + chocolate protein bar, green tea
Snack - cottage cheese, peanut butter, protein powder
Dinner - omelette with mushrooms, capsicum, onions, spinach
Snack - medium potato with salsa, licorice tea

I usually don't have omelettes everyday but I've opened a carton of frozen egg whites tonight so I eat them for the following couple of days to use up the carton. And the potato after dinner is the recommendation from the "Potatoes not Prozac" book I've just read in order to raise my serotonin levels and make me feel more confident, competent, creative and optimistic and help me with my sugar sensitivity.

So, to wrap up, if you are one of the unlucky ones eating like a rabbit perhaps you might like to have a chat. If so, email me!