Thursday, June 26, 2008


A lot of talk over the past few days has me hot and sweaty!

Today with my cookies n cream protein powder mxed in with banana flavoured yoghurt poured over a sliced banana. That was my first one for the day!

Secondly, my HUGE plate of potato wedgies topped with cottage cheese and sweet chilli sauce aroused not only my tastebuds.

Then my third for the day; a creamy chocolate coated caramel protein bar - Mmmmm!

So - "Be Orgasmic"

Sex is important, whether it brings us closer in our relationships or just for the sheer pleasure of it. But did you know that sex is good for your health too? A study found that high orgasm frequency is related to decreased risk of heart disease among women due to the hormones released during orgasm. Researchers found that having intimate encounters also means you are less stressed, happier and better rested - all factors that can lower blood pressure and protect against stroke alongside heart disease.

And the even better news is you can still reap most of these benefits without a partner. Masturbation has its own share of advantages, including improved sense of smell, better mood, less colds, and better bladder control. Some studies even suggest that sexual activity at least three times a week may be associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Practiced safely, sex can be an important factor in your physical and emotional health.

OK - gotta run - hubby's home - number 4 coming up - he he he!!