Friday, June 6, 2008

Easy Does It

I've had a few conversations with the inner self again today over eating. I'm feeling really great and looking pretty good too I think so my focus has now shifted from the losing phase to one of maintaining. It's at this point that I start to think I can have this or that to eat and then have to go through the logic of it all - do I need it?, am I really hungry?, is it time to eat my clean scheduled meal?, is it thirst?, what am I feeling?, blah blah blah. So far I've managed to keep on track as I sit here with a cup of peppermint tea pushing out to lunchtime.

My day has progressed like this:

4.50 am alarm wakes me
5.15 am head to gym, green tea
5.30 am train a client
6.10 am 30 mins elliptical moderate intensity (too busy talking to put in high intensity)
6.45 am head home
7.00 am oats + protein powder, V8 vegetable juice, chai tea
8.00 am get kids off to school
8.10 am back at gym
8.15 am train back/biceps/abs + 30 mins rpm practice
9.20 am Surge post-workout recovery shake
9.30 am train a client
10.15 am shower
10.30 am apple, nestle diet fromage frais, cashews, mini protein bar
10.45 am eyebrow and lip wax
11.10 am banking and post office
11.30 am home, computer work, peppermint tea

Coming up:

1 pm mexican chicken mince, brown rice, steamed fresh veges, pepsi max
3.30 pm banana, slim secrets bar, green tea
6 pm soy & garlic turkey mince, brown rice, steamed fresh veges
8 pm cottage cheese, natural peanut butter, protein powder

I'll drink at least 4 litres of water
Scale weight = same as yesterday