Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Thankful

This afternoon has had me thinking of how thankful I am for being a "Wagon Rider" (thanks Charlotte). I came home from Vegas way up on the scales, looking and feeling like a pufferfish, yet again. But, I managed to get straight back on the wagon the following day, Wednesday. Of course, the scales are coming down nicely and I'm beginning to feel and look better even though I've still a little way to go before reaching my maintenance level. I've been training at home this week as I couldn't bear for anyone to see me looking like this and have decided to take another week off work too just so I can concentrate on myself a bit more.

Training since boarding the wagon has been:

Wednesday - 5.30 am 1 hr run/walk then 9 am chest/triceps/shoulders + 20 mins steady state cycling
Thursday - 5.30 am 45 mins rpm + 15 mins steady state then 9 am back/biceps/abs + 20 mins steady state cycling
Today - 5.30 am 1 hr run/walk then 9 am legs + 15 mins steady state cycling

Needless to say DOMS have set in.

Nutrition wise I've been eating clean and healthy and yummy foods which always make me feel better to begin with. I've been detoxing from sugar but after reading the book "Potatoes not Prozac" and hearing Liz's voice in my ear I'm really trying to listen to my body and be intuitive to work out how I react to different foods and situations. This is the stuff I really want to work on next week.

I headed off to the doctors today and am booked for blood tests tomorrow to check out a few things that have been bothering me since before comp. Nothing serious, just digestive and blood sugar issues, but I might be able to get some answers rather than guessing about what's going on.

As for future plans? Still thinking but will be starting back training under Liz's instruction upon my return to the gym the week after next. She has big plans for my upper body and working on the abs so if I compete again I'll be bigger, better, leaner, harder, smoother. I'm also pretty sure that I'll be doing the "Bridge to Brisbane run" ( in September for my mother-in-law who has set this goal for me knowing how important fitness/health/my body is to me.