Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feeling FAB-U-LOUS!!

Scale weight = comp weight + 4.0 kg's
Food today = 1855 out of 1850 scheduled (21% F, 39% P, 39% C) Day's not over but I'm confident of sticking to my planned food for the rest of the day
Water = over 4 litres

Training = 6 am - 30 min elliptical intervals (Cals 377, Max HR 98%, Avg HR 87%)
8.30 am - Back/biceps/abs (Cals 233, Max HR 81%, Avg 58%)
9.30 am - participate in RPM (Cals 601, Max HR 103%, Avg HR 89%)

I'm feeling really really great again today. Of course, it started out fantastic at 4.45 am this morning with such a huge drop in scale weight from yesterday. Next best thing was participating in RPM. As I had no clients later in the morning thought I'd ride the latest release to refresh my memory ready to teach tomorrow morning and managed to absolutely thrash myself reaching over and above my max hr a number of times. I can't remember the last time I was able to really go nuts in rpm. Of course it would have been at one of Liz' Hi-Performance Saturday morning classes but seems such a distant memory.

But the best part of my day would be having the gorgeous Shannon over for a few hours. We talked non-stop about everything that's happened over the past months, competing and also about the future and where we we'd like it to take us. I was excited, she was excited and I can feel myself pumped up with adrenalin and bursting with energy right now.

I'm confident, I'm strong, I'm back!!