Friday, June 6, 2008

Sex & The City

Last night seen me head off to the movies with a friend to see the fabulous new movie "Sex & The City". I remember when this show was on tele being the times when I used to kiss hubby good night but it was him going to bed not me!

Anyway, had a shower, did the hair, getting dressed - I'll just try my jeans on for good luck and what'd ya know - got them on AND done up - slightly firm but 1/2 an hour of wearing should loosen them up a bit. I'm excited and feelin' pretty good about myself at this point parading around the house, 'shaken that ass' and all! I decide I'm going to have a treat tonight - a choc top at the movies, afterall why not I'm not prepping any more.

Get to the movies buy the choc top AND a small bag of lollies. Sitting, eating, enjoying the company and the outing and the sugar! But then it strikes - "the voice inside my head". "Gotta get more, you're out of jail only for the night, locked back up tomorrow, eat as much as you can, etc, etc. I sit silently, tugging back and forth in my mind, and then I give her (my inner fat girl) a massive smackdown (thanks Kerryn for your words) and tell her "this is what normal people do". They go to the movies, have a little treat, not a binge. And continue on with life. I can do this. I don't need to eat everything in site. I am not a jailbird. I am maintaining. Everything in moderation. And with that I thoroughly enjoy the rest of the movie without consuming anything more.