Sunday, June 7, 2009


Training = 5.15 am 25 mins "Indian Fuelled" circuit + threw a few weights around for shoulders, biceps & triceps, no cardio other than walking to/from gym 20 mins.
Feeling = Last night we had our delayed St Patrick's Day bash. I was planning a rest day today thinking I may be hungover but 1/2 a dozen vodies pulled me up and when I woke at 4.15 am this morning feeling fabulous I thought what the hell am I gonna do till the rest of the gang wake up? So, the obvious answer was to go and have a smashing carbed up session after last nights awesome Indian feed. I couldn't bear to let all those luscious carbs go to waste and nothing feels better than having the energy to crank out a fantastic workout. Pump's turned up to train just at the right time so got her to snap off a few pics. This certainly is the life I've been looking forward to, nice and tight during the week, and loosey goosey socialising on the weekends with energy and enthusiasm to train hard and heavy leaving me with a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement and looking forward to each and every day and whatever they may bring.