Thursday, June 18, 2009


"No pain, no gain" - Let's break it down some more.

Pain is opportunity but whether it's good pain or bad pain is what we need to understand.

Some pain I love, some pain I hate. As a trainer is would say "muscle burn is good, joint pain is bad."

When you hit the wall and don't know if you have what it takes, how you move forward makes the difference. Those of us who put our heads down and drive through that pain will be met with success. I imagine pain as a dark tunnel with a light at the end.

The glory and success will only come to those who make their way through the tunnel.

Those who stop in the middle and ponder or turn around and head back to their comfort zone will never know the thrill, excitement and fulfillment that those who have had the balls to keep moving towards the light and see what they were made of encounter. Sure, it can be hard and uncomfortable but it's a golden opportunity to endure only temporary pain.

Forward movement gathers momentum and moving forward when others don't is a magical opportunity to achieve everything you want and reach your full potential.

Next time you encounter pain, stop and ask yourself if the pain you are facing is an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams.