Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Training = 5 am Chest/Biceps + 30 mins elliptical, 15 mins tready walk

Feeling = I've been revising my psyche stuff. Yep, I fucked up on the weekend eating and drinking way too much. In hindsight I became complacent, scared, and allowed my emotions to take over. I've never said I was perfect although I do try my hardest to fill my expectations in this regard. I've had to work hard these past couple of days to reframe my negative thoughts with regards to my body image. For example, on Monday morning I thought "you look like a fat cow" and reframed this with "you're a lean, mean, metabolic machine". With clouded thoughts I was disillusional in thinking I had legs like tree trunks, an arse like an elephants and abs that had been banished forever but of course it was only fluid with maybe a little fat but I know how to get rid of fat. I've been practising for years (lol). Yesterday I became much happier to see the lines reappearing and today they're looking even finer and abs are back baby. I commented last week that "this maintenance shit is hard". I'm still trying to work out my calorie level with regards to intake and expenditure and I'm determined to keep pushing forward. This is what makes my journey exciting - always having something to work on and work out. It's the name of the game - continuous improvement. If is was all black and white I think I'd be bored shitless!