Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night whilst getting ready to go out to a homemade Indian curry night hubby was in the shower and I was standing naked in front of the mirror looking at myself waiting for him to finish so I could get in. He asked me "what do you see?" I said this - rubbing my fingers up my thighs and this - grabbing my belly. He then said "now you've told me what you don't like what do you like?" I thought about it briefly and told him the parts I did like which turned out to be a few more than the ones I didn't. It was a really helpful question as we tend to focus on the areas we're not so happy with rather than being thankful for other parts that are more pleasing to the eye. So, next time you start dwelling on your body areas you aren't completely over the moon about ask yourself the same question and see that there is more to be happy about than not.