Friday, October 3, 2008


To each and everyone of you courageous, inspiring girls and guys competing this weekend a big GOOD LUCK. If I'm not there in person cheering you on I'm there in spirit.

I must say I'm feeling like the bridesmaid right now. Yesterday I did Gil's first coat of tan and am picking her up tomorrow morning to take for make-up before heading to the venue. I remember thinking about my first comp like it was my wedding day and usually (however not in my case) you only get to do it once so when I had the opportunity to compete the following weekend again I wanted to experience it all again. I want Gil to be able to look back with fond memories of her first competition so am going to make sure she enjoys it and is made to feel really special because she is exactly that as is everyone else who has the guts to do this. It's not easy which is why not everyone does it. So, if you are one of those doing or have done it - you're very special in my books.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy