Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tracy flew into Brissy on Saturday with a group of girlfriends for a weekend away and to go see Pink in Concert. So, on Saturday mid morning I headed into the city in search of Trac to meet in the flesh, have a chat, discuss any questions and concerns, have a bit of a pinch and give encouragement that she is definately tracking along beautifully. She did the hard yards last week again dropping a good kilo. She was then able to have some meals out on the weekend without worrying too much about calories or macros.

Day 2 (yesterday) of Challenges:

Calories - 2000 odd
Training - Upper Body Lift Heavy Shit
Feeling - Better than the day before but not 100% just yet. Getting closer. Loved the first training session. Was told I was strong. So much stronger than I think. Still getting my head around it all but trying not to think about it too hard. Just gonna do what I'm told (for a change) for 4 weeks at least. If I can't see change then, I'll just go back to doing what I know - whether right or wrong in other's eyes. But really I'm hoping I can prove this works.