Thursday, July 30, 2009


Day 3 (yesterday) of Challenges:

Calories - 2400 odd

Training - zip

Feeling - After a spaz attack in the morning when I was overcome with "things to do" including cleaning spew out of the back of my car which little boy did on the way to school I took a chill pill and proceded to work through my list one thing at a time prioritising the needing to do NOW and can wait till I get a god damn chance. The day got better and better finally peaking at dinner time whilst eating my 300 gram scotch fillet steak and I was brimming in anticipation and excitement for today's Lift Heavy Shit Lower Body training session.

Updated numbers have been emailed through based on my strength test numbers and what I actually lifted on Tuesday which was more than first thought:


Bench - 55 kg up from 45 kg
Squat - 70 kg up from 60 kg
Deadlift - 96 kg up from 75 kg
Military - 41 kg up from 34 kg