Friday, July 31, 2009


Day 4 (yesterday) of Challenges: (am I supposed to be counting backwards? Ah, f**k it!!)

Calories - 2100 odd

Training - Lift Heavy Shit Lower Body as posted yesterday

Feeling - You've heard the saying "lift heavy for lean legs" but seriously that fucking heavy? And we've only just begun! I never in my wildest dreams thought of lifting like that and because I'd never even thought about it I didn't have to believe that I could do it. What if I didn't do yesterday? How would I ever know what I was capable of? Does fear stand in your way? Do you stand on the side of the road scared of crossing in case you get run over? Do you wake up each morning thinking I could die today? Then don't let anyone or anything stand in your way of "having a crack" or "going for gold". I'm so glad I did. Now, "kids - bring back my wheelchair."