Friday, July 17, 2009


I first met Kel (aged 30, Retail Manager) on 23 May at Nicole's Hen's Night. After chatting to her briefly the following morning about what I do and the way I go about it with regards to online coaching Kelli emailed me the following week saying she'd like to get started. Initially Kelli wasn't eating enough food, her metabolism had slowed down and her body had gone into starvation mode. We fuelled her fire for a couple of weeks and also had her start an exercise program using the equipment she already had at home. At first she struggled to eat more both mentally and fitting it all in but soon her body starting giving hunger signals and the weight started to drop. Working long hours also meant Kelli had to fit exercise in somewhere which seemed daunting at first but with a commitment to herself she got something done, even if not her scheduled training.

Since then we've added some calorie and macro cycling to the mix getting Kelli even greater results. In just 6 weeks Kelli has dropped just over 6 kilos, a clothing size.

Kelli is continuing to make fantastic progress by taking small steps incorporating new habits that she can easily continue for the rest of her life. Awesome job Kel!!!!!


Hold on to what you've been given lately.
Hold on to what you know you've got.
Hold on to what you've been given lately.
Cause the world will turn if you're ready or not!


What I brought away with me from last night's boxing training.

Boxing is NOT punching. Boxing IS thinking!!

- Logical thinking
- Calculated moves
- Tuck chin in
- Protect liver
- Light on feet
- Balance
- Guard up at all times