Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The past week has been rather emotional for Trac with TOM raring his ugly head and some family issues arising which has made things harder than usual. Emotional and drained Tracy questioned herself as to why the hell she is doing this (as we all do at some point). She had to take time out, sit back and remind herself that this is her dream and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. At least she's hoping! With so much going on she had to remind herself to eat and stay on track. She hasn't been hungry but in her head wanting to eat more. When the devil on her shoulder tried to persuade her to eat more she started cleaning instead to take her mind off food which has driven her partner insane (LOL).

Her training has been great. She's still feeling strong and enjoying every workout. A smile and sense of achievement was brought to her face on Saturday when she completed a set of 8 triceps dips unassisted. Focussing on bench press negatives on Monday lowering the bar slowly had her quite fatigued.

Weight is tracking downwards nicely with a 1 kg drop for the week.

She enjoyed a lovely Chinese meal and dessert with her family on Saturday night. With an upcoming trip to Brisbane this weekend to see Pink and the enticer of a dessert at Freestyle the pedal has been pressed to the metal whilst she's at home, in her comfort zone and routine, so that the weekend can be a bit cruisier.