Thursday, July 30, 2009


Kylie and I had our first Lift Heavy Shit Lower Body training session this morning. I keep pissing myself laughing when I think back and see Kylie lying on the cold cement floor telling me to "fuck off - it hurts. I'm in a world of pain". It was one of the best training sessions I've ever had and I performed far, far better than my strength test indicated.

Don't think about it, just do it.

How many?

For the body you want girl.


65 kgs x 20 reps - good warm-up (shit easy)

78 kgs x 16 reps - still too easy

88 kgs x 10 reps - could have done more

100 kgs x 8 reps - equivalent to a 123 kg 1 rep max (I failed 85 kg last week)

Incline Leg Press

120 kgs x 50 reps - waste of time

160 kgs x 40 reps - range all over the place

200 kgs x 12 reps - shaking like shit

Being sensible to see what my knees can handle here but still stupid compared to what I've done previous.

Heavy Lying Hamstring Curl (no counter weights or pulleys)

30 pds x 30 reps (good spitting)

40 pds x 20 reps (C'Mon animal came out)

50 pds x 15 reps (we're done right?)

2 things - 1) that's why I'm only training 2 days per week and 2) there's no way I could have done that eating 1500 or 1600 calories a day - epiphany!!!!

I'm gonna hurt tomorrow and the next day aren't I?