Thursday, July 16, 2009


Man, this week is flying by. So much to do, so little time to do it in. Been so busy I've had to make myself stop to eat (that's a first!).

Training - Monday and Tuesday had some crackers of workouts with both TP's (training partners) and woke up yesterday so sore that everytime I squeezed my lats or moved my arms I was in pain. Good pain of course. Listened to my body and realised a rest day was in order so I could recover and grow. Back to it today with quads and cardio then back and triceps tomorrow. Love, love, love becoming stronger. Gonna need all the muscle I can get so when I step in the ring I'm set for a KO (not me, my opponent!).

Working with my onliners whom are making fantastic progress. One client yesterday really made my heart mush and I wrote this back to her:

Awesome (name??)

I think you're making great choices. Yes, life is too short to be unhappy so you sometimes have to take a leap of faith, step out of your comfort zone, and do what feels right. God knows I've taken some big steps myself lately. And I believe that everything happens for a reason.

This is great for you. Picture yourself everyday looking how you want to look, inspiring and motivating others to do the same. Imagine how great you feel when you see this image. How strong, how confident and let this image motivate you to becoming the best that you can possibly be.

Gosh, I'm exciting just thinking about this for you. This is a huge breakthrough if you embrace it and believe it (name??). Can you feel the happiness and joy?????? Isn't it an amazing feeling?

Luv Shelley

Had a brief meeting with Melinda yesterday arvo who is looking as stunning as ever and doing absolutely beautifully post comp. Maintaining within a couple of kilos of her comp weight and glowing even though she's been sick for the past couple of weeks. I'm so proud of you!

Ordered some stunning new handbags in preparation for the upcoming parties I have booked. Can't wait for them to arrive. Think I might have to keep one for myself. Just call me a handbag whore.

Became affiliated with a new magazine in my area ( which will be delivered to over 10,000 homes with advertising and a feature article which will be published in the next week. Stay tuned!!

Filling out and signing paperwork for refinancing of properties to suck some more equity out. I thought we'd buy another investment property but I think hubby wants to buy our own home even though financially we're better off renting.

Tonight, fight night training - yeehah!