Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Age - 22
Competing - ANB in Figure Novice on 20th September 2009 in Townsville

Q1 - What made you decide to compete? I wanted to challenge and to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I've always loved training and the discipline with training.

Q2 - What are you hoping to achieve by competing? More self confidence and the satisfaction that I set out and achieved my goal, despite the amount of people that told me I was crazy.

Q3 - Has your nutrition changed? If so, how? Yes, I actually started to eat more meals and learnt that carbs are not always the enemy. Weighing everything that I eat has been a REAL eye opener for me. What I thought was 5 grams was more like 10.

Q4 - What have you changed since starting comp prep? Being prepared, which has made meal preparation and shopping a lot easier, and made me feel more organised and less stressed.

Q5 - What's been the best thing so far? Definately seeing the changes in myself and my confidence start to lift. And the skinny cow dessert....I love them!

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