Sunday, July 19, 2009


In order to live all that your life has to offer you need to let go of your past regrets, dim your future worries and truly embrace the present. Sometimes we have preconceived ideas about how life was meant to turn out, and while still striving, we need to accept how it is currently. Finding that balance takes a conscious effort. Wherever we are, the components of a satisfying life boil down to much the same things, summarised by people, purpose, participation and the present. Our minds buzz with lists of things we have to do, places to be, people to see. We have to think about the future in order to plan for it, and it can also be useful and enjoyable to remember the past. If thinking about the future means worrying and thinking about the past means regret, these are sources of anxiety which we don't need. Why do we give ourselves such a hard time? Getting in touch with the present moment can quiten all this noise in our heads and appreciate what we have. Take time to be with your thoughts. Becoming absorbed in an activity you really enjoy is one way of bringing yourself into the present moment. Another way is to tune into your physical body in a focussed and mindful way by meditation or relaxation exercises. Notice your thoughts, without judgement, and let them go. Life - it is wonderful and beautiful and contains many joys. We need to strengthen our respect for ourselves, our self-esteem, in order to meet the challenges that arise. Many of us are much better at caring for others such as our children than for ourselves. If your child was hurt you'd wrap your arms around them until the hurt went away. What about that child inside you? That beautiful, sweet creature with the trusting eyes, before all her protective barriers went up. How about giving her a warm, loving hug too?