Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've detoured from the fighting. 3 to 6 months, maybe longer, seemed too far in the distance for me. I want to get in the ring NOW! Treading on uneven ground over the past week until I found something that has thrilled the shit out of me. Had a meeting with "a man about a dog" and now I'm pumped. First step was a 1 rep max strength test yesterday to find my starting point.

Squat - 60 kg
Bench - 45 kg
Deadlift - 75 kg

I'm not much of a leg trainer due to my knee injury which has always scared me so I was thrilled with the squat considering I hardly ever squat with a bar on my back, absolutely over the moon with the bench, but somewhat disappointed with the deadlift. It has, however, indicated my weaknesses and the areas I need to work on to becoming stronger AND leaner.

I'm happy to be the guinea pig and use myself and my body for this experiment. Shit, I hope don't get fat doing it! 3 days only per week of very heavy shit strength training, no cardio, and eating to begin with at least 2000 calories. Assessments will be done every 7 - 10 days. I will document my results each time.

"This is eating and training for the body I want."

Shelley, be calm, and listen. You'll find there's nowhere you can't go, no challenge you can't master, and no reason whatsoever that you can't have it all.