Friday, August 21, 2009


How great is it to feel free? Free to do what I want any ol time.....

This morning started beautifully with a walk with Nicole then home for a gourmet breaky of 2 whole eggs, 1/2 a chicken thigh, and huge stirfry of veges. It was then over to Jinda's to train with Liz. One arm DB push press, powerband pull-up's, pushups, one arm dumbbell rows, cable external rotations and bosu side planks finished off with 10 mins on the elliptical before chowing down on a barramundi, prawn and vege stirfry with quinoa and rice spaghetti and a green tea. I then headed to the supermarket to get the ingredients I need as I've got a hankering for pancakes, Katie style. I'm feeling so empowered to be making these choices based on my gut feel, and wanting to eat so healthy. I think I might be turning into one of those people I used to refer to as a 'health freak'. I'm going organic whenever possible, not wanting to put toxins into my body (other than the ciggies at present). I haven't had pepsi max for 5 days now nor any form of artificial sweetener, additives, preservatives, etc. It's all good, wholesome food. On the smoking front I'm now onto day 5 day of taking Champix with my quit day set for next Tuesday. After Coles I went to the organic market and bought some more natural whey powder, some more quinoa & rice this time penne and a couple of organic spelt spinach & feta pies and an organic spelt chicken & vege pie. I have this exciting vision of being strong and lean through the choices I make with eating without counting calories, macros and forgetting numbers altogether. This will be super cool!! I'm off for a snoozy now before doing mummy duties at kids canteen this arvo then going to the movies tonight to see Inglorious Basterds (love Quentin films). Undecided as to whether I'll have a few vodies or not - that's not poison is it?