Friday, August 7, 2009


Too often we see pleasure as a reward for a job well done or as an escape from a chaotic life. But it's a daily necessity, not a luxury. The key to living a wonderful life is "if it doesn't make you feel good, then don't do it anymore". When we give ourselves permission to do those things that make us feel good, life hands us more good. What if the key to living a good life is all about doing more of what brings us pleasure and less of what brings us pain? A good mood creates a positive flow that carries us through the day. We smile more. We see problems as challenges rather than as stumbling blocks. We feel a sense of resilience that makes it easy to bounce back from bad news. The solution is to give ourselves the gift of simple, daily pleasures that fuel good feelings. What makes you feel happy? What brings you pleasure? These activities aren't a luxury. Doing what we love keeps our life force well stoked.

Make a list. Right now. Write down 10 things that put a smile on your face - then commit to doing one every single day. Enjoy your daily pleasure ritual. Think of it as a once a day "happy vitamin". A dose of good that keeps you strong. As always, the power is in your hands.