Monday, August 3, 2009


Lift Heavy Shit Upper Body Training

Bench Press
- 43 kgs x 7 reps
- 45 kgs x 6 reps

Lat Pulldown
- 160 pds x 16 reps
- 160 pds x 15 reps

Smith Military Press
- 40 kgs x 9 reps
- 40 kgs x 9 reps

Barbell Curl
- 30 kgs x 20 reps
- 33 kgs x 15 reps

Floor Press
- 35 kgs x 7 reps
- 35 kgs x 3 reps

I made a tough decision on Friday afternoon to stop training others and concentrate on spending more time with my family, mainly my young children whom over the past few months have been missing out on quality time with mummy. I had feelings of guilt and letting people down which I don't do easily but ultimately I have to put my family first. So, in light of this I had a mummy/daughter day on Saturday going to the movies, clothes shopping, then grocery shopping so little girl could come home and could her dad a 3 course dinner with only a little help from me. She loves cooking, loved Master Chef, and wants to be a Chef when she grows up. I told her she can be my personal chef just like the stars have. So in my world changes are taking place.

On the 100 day challenge front I think I should be a late scratching. Only because I don't know where I'm up to and really what I have to do to be actively involved. I'm challenging myself everyday on different fronts but possibly won't always blog about them. You could say this pirate has walked the plank, fallen overboard and is now on a deserted island with the ones who are most important to her - husband and children.