Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'd better be buildin' me some solid emu eggs in the arse region!!

Thursday - shave legs day as you know Matt's going to be creamin' your legs (lol).

I did it!! I picked that fucker right up today AND slightly pissed my pants (eww). Luckily I was prepared with a pad (phew). When there's that much pressure I'm glad it was only a pee! Rack Deady's - warmed up with 120 kg's then 130 kg's then picked up 140 kg - twice. My bum died in the 320 kg leg press when I was going deep my glutes said fuck off. And I was shagged in the leg curls.

All going well on the ciggie front. I've hardly thought about it. Did I use to be a smoker? I wouldn't even know. Early days yet though so no cockyness.

Eats brilliant and on track. Being intuitive and mindful even though I've a plan to follow.

Feeling? On top of the friggin' world. Like a strong bitch. Gonna smash this fat right off my body. Freaky positive today.

Lower Body Heavy Shit Training

Rack Deadlifts
- 120 kgs x 2 reps (warm-up)
- 130 kgs x 4 reps (warm-up)
- 140 kgs x 1 rep
- 140 kgs x 1 rep

Next week I'm back to the floor - uh oh!

Incline Leg Press
- 280 kgs x 20 reps
- 300 kgs x 12 reps
- 320 kgs x 2 deep reps + 4 kill Matt dead bum reps

Lying Leg Curl
- 80 pds x 6 short reps + 2 super short reps
- 80 pds x 6 reps + 2 super short reps