Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As a Figure Competitor it is normal to want to pull the pin on competing. It is normal to worry about not being lean enough. It is normal to feel exhausted at times. It is normal to get to that happy weight and want to stop there. It is normal to hate the scales and call them names. It is normal to be "over it" and "sick of it all". It is normal to get frustrated when practising posing, normal to get up at an ungodly hour to train, normal to have a nanna nap during the day, normal to hate being hungry.

But it is also normal to LOVE training, LOVE logging your food, LOVE seeing the scale number go down, LOVE posing and looking at yourself in the mirror, LOVE wearing your hooker heels and standing 10 feet tall, LOVE your imagination of how great you're gonna look on stage, LOVE looking forward to the next meal, LOVE food altogether.

What else do you think is normal about being an athlete?