Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm currently sitting in our holiday house at Orchid Beach, Fraser Island. The Easter holiday started yesterday morning at 2.30 am when I was up and heading to the gym to get one last smasher of a training session in before leaving home at 6 am. After driving for what seemed last most of the day (me snoozing on and off) we arrived at our destination at 2.30 pm. We're here with 3 other families, 20 people in total in a 7 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 kitchen house. Although I was planned and prepared with my food I was really struggling last night to hold it together whilst everyone else was in holiday mode drinking and eating nibblies before their big dinner of prawns, curries, rices, breads, etc. As I wasn't sure what facilities were here and what everyone else would be eating I thought it safer to just pack my own food with oats and powder featuring mostly on the menu for the next few days. I think they've all realised what a fan I am of this meal seeing as though I ate it for arvo tea, dinner and breaky this morning. Thankfully I recalled my goal and direction last night and was able to hold tight with only 3 lollies extra not planned. I was up at 4 am this morning and did a 45 minute MIIT circuit in the backyard in the dark. I would have liked to go for a run but was too scared of the dingos which apparently have been lurking around the island recently. Hubby wants to race me up the sand dunes later so I'll have a crack at that cause I really want to whip his arse. Half the gang are still in bed, the other half gone fishing, I'm home with the kids. When they get home they'll have breaky then I think we're gonna head to the Champagne Pools (pic above). Tomorrow marks the 5 week out mark which signals to me that there is no room for error if I am to reach my set goal. Higher calories for the next few days as I didn't want to be hungry AND out of my comfort zone but upon arriving home it'll be pedal to the metal, on the home straight, bringing it home, and coming in nice and lean, ripped and cut - oh yeah.