Friday, April 17, 2009


Friday 16 April 2009 - End of the Week.

My day started at 2.54 am when I woke naturally before the alarm which was set for 3.01 am. Pre-workout oats and powder, supplements, dressed, quick check of emails, teeth, wash face, throw on a hat. Gym at 3.50 am to train Chest/Biceps, Front & Rear Delts + 30 minutes mixed cardio. First client 5.40 am. Second client (this little machine). She smashed it!! And I even got her to do a bicep pose. I left to come home feeling a surge of excitement running through me and emailed her straight away telling her I love training her. This is what makes me passionate about what I do. You go girlfriend! More oats & powder then racing around madly packing to head to Sydney to stay with Katie and go to Filex. Then I get an emailed newsletter from Gym Funky in which I'm featured - wow, I feel special! If you haven't signed up yet to receive special offers and promotions you can do so here. Today is going to be one of those awesome, fantastic days, I can feel it!