Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's Your Opinion?

This week has been one of tears, stress, decision making and basically emotional instability however yesterday was hopefully a turning point in my journey of life.

Of course the main issue at the moment is the few kilos I've brought home from Vegas. I want them goorrnnee and NOW but unfortunately we all know it doesn't happen that way. I've had to reassess my life, my goals, my dreams in order to regain some kind of control on my emotional state.

The first achievement was realising that no matter what size I am, I'm still me and yes I'm not exactly thrilled with how I look at the moment but I just need to put the paddle in and paddle away slow and steady in order to win the race. No point busting my guts with training and strict food intake and ending up in a physically and mentally exhausted heap. If I'm consistent, and practice patience it will come off. And as the wonderful Kek pointed out - "it's only fat" (thank you). I've also made the decision this week to end my teaching of rpm. I've battled on with it for six months, stressing every week before having to teach and I decided that I don't need this extra stress in my life. I LOVE rpm but I love participating, not teaching. I'd also rather put the extra energy into being a successful personal trainer which is where my passion lies.

The scales are away, the logging of food has stopped, and back to PN basics have been implemented and finding the BALANCE is my focus. And as I turned my calendar over to July today it read "ACHIEVEMENT Live the life you've imagined".

On another note, after my training today I was taking some time out for me and doing some stretching, which I must admit rarely happens when another gym goer came over to congratulate me and talk about competing and training, etc. Anyway, to cut a long story short she told me I looked "healthy". In the shower a short time later I got thinking "what do people mean when they say healthy?" What do you think? What's your definition?

PS A HUGE thank you to my friends Liz, Katie, Deb, Shannon, Carolyn, Kerryn and Nicole for your listening ears, support, advice, encouragement and friendship this week.