Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still Just Taking it Easy

The past few days have been quite good. Training done, eats quite good but most importantly mental status is calmer. I've been reading a psychology book with regards to weight loss that the wonderful KatieP managed to source for me and am finding it really interesting and also inspiring and motivational. One chapter on mindfulness and savoring refers to Zen Buddhism and tells of three important questions we should ask ourselves about choosing where our mind is at and what it is focused on:

1 Where are you? Answer = here
2 What time is it? Answer = now
3 How hungry am I? Answer = ?

I've been practising these questions throughout the days. Not about to turn into a monk or anything but do find anything to do with the mind and how it works quite interesting. As I tell my clients "your mind is your most powerful muscle".

Not once have I thought that I may have made a mistake giving up my rpm teaching. I'm still really relieved that this week there'll be no stress in re-learning choreo.

Hubby's taken off to China for work this morning for a week so I've been to the dvd shop and grabbed the kids a heap of dvd's this morning (it's cold and miserable weather) so I can get organised and planning for the week ahead. Luckily my eldest son is flying up tomorrow night so I'll have some help with babysitting in order for me to still be able to work early mornings.

Did a bit of baking yesterday, which is not really my thing, but a nice change to have warm, healthy muffins (raspberry & walnut) and pancakes (protein) for arvo tea especially since we had visitors staying with us over the weekend. Even the kids liked them.

Lunch time now. Hope you are all having a great weekend.