Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Warning - Gross Post Coming Up !!

For those of you that have a weak stomach (and I don't mean muscularity wise) you may not want to read below:

I experienced something new today - Colon Hydrotherapy!

I'd been thinking about detoxing and basically having a good clean out for a while now and strangely enough it was mentioned to me the other day at my gym by another competitor. After googling and reading the benefits I decided to give it a go. Not for weight loss or any other stupid reason but simply to have a clean out after the problems I had with digestion and bloating before comp and still a little now also.

The colon is the major part of sewerage system for solid waste and toxins from the body. Not only removes waste, but also helps the completion of digestive process and absorbing of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Waste material, especially which has remained in the colon for some time creates several problems. These wastes are quite poisonous and they can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak. It can also weaken the immune system, and cause digestive problems, headaches, depression, infection, tiredness, or to even more severe health problems.

They can also inhibit muscular action causing both or either constipation or diarrhea.

It's the quickest and most effective way of removing toxic matters form the bowel by basically putting a hose up your bum and flushing water in whilst a pulsating action in the colon works as an internal massage and then all the shit comes out.

And you can see what's in there when it comes out. Carrots easily recognisable! And I had a lot of crap in there! Apparently, it can stick to the bowel wall for ages and ages. So I'm now shit free for a couple of hours anyway unless I don't eat again which isn't likely to EVER happen.

The best part - at the end I got to use a bidet - warm water to wash the bum.

OK, so that's enough. Hope you not eating dinner whilst reading this (lol).

PS My blood tests I had a couple of weeks ago didn't show anything too dramatic or wrong. My immunoglobulin IgE count was 955 ku/L (normal range 0 - 100) which refers to allergy's but a skin prick test last week proved only that I'm allergic to cat hair (we have a cat), dust mites and grasses but no food. A couple of other things on the lower side of normal but nothing to worry about. Liver function just needs to be re-tested in a couple of months as it was slightly outside normal. I've sent a sample of my hair to Japan today for food sensitivity testing but not sure how accurate this will be but thought it worth a try.