Monday, July 21, 2008


After another melt down on Thursday night my weekend at Camp Eden was just what I needed. 2 days, one weekend feels like I've been on holidays for a week. I no longer have black circles under my eyes. I feel fresh and ready to tackle my world all over again. Sitting in the reflection room drinking cups of tea gave me time to think and relax. My early starts (4.45 am) each day leave me exhausted so I'm bringing back the afternoon nap starting today! I was pampered with the Camp Eden Signature Body Treatment for 2 hours on Friday and a Hot Rocks Therapeutic Massage for 1.5 hours on Saturday. I took the leap of faith at Braveheart. 24 metres high up a tree (from the platform so actually much higher from the ground). A little bit of gym work, a stretch class and 1/2 a Martial Groove (BodyCombat in disguise) released my feel good endorphins. And the food - just gorgeous. All healthy, vegetarian, lots of veges, salads and fruit but a few times had me thinking "where's the protein?" Lots of sleeping and lazing about also plus a little sauna and steaming. If you're ever looking for time out from your hectic life or need to find yourself again this is the place to go. Feel free to contact me if you want more details. It's just an amazing place and I'm definately going back.