Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm sooooo snowed under with work but wanted to just write a quick post.

Our weekend in Melbourne for the All Females Classic was absolutely one of the best weekends I've every had. Hanging with like minded gal pals Liz, KatieP and Shannon proved to be more fun than expected. I can't remember laughing so much. Thanks Girls. We all took away something different from the weekend which was amazing.

And meeting other gorgeous friends Kerryn, Charlotte, Shar, Ursula, Lia, Wendy and seeing Lindy, Jo, Lisa and others (I know I've missed someone?) again was fantastic.

My energy has been renewed by the inspiring girls who competed on the weekend. Erica, you looked gorgeous. Congratulations on your completing your first competition. I'm so pumped again and now know that yes I do want to compete again so next year "it's all about me". Oh, hang on that's you Katie isn't it? I'm gonna be f*@kin HUUUUGGGGGGEEEE! I can see it already. So, I'm in my mass building phase and using this off-season to grow!

Some exciting things are happening in my future - bring it on - can't wait.

OK, gotta go eat now so my muscles can get bigger.

More later.