Friday, September 26, 2008


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives (now that was a blast from the past).

It seems we're all doing it, trying to find the "balance" that is. Between work, family, exercise, eating, sleeping it is consuming our thoughts and feelings.

I think I had an "ah-ha" moment yesterday. What to eat, when to eat, have I trained, can I have starchy carbs, pre-workout meal, post-workout meal, protein, carbs, fats, veges, supplements. It's all bullshit!

I'm sick and tired of always thinking about it. I agree there's a time and place for all of this. And it's all good stuff but when it consumes your every thought then that's not healthy nor living. What is healthy is eating what you feel like (within reason of course). I eat healthy, nutritious food most of the time because I really really enjoy it. The taste, the texture, the smell. But on occasions I want to eat shit just because it tastes so god damn good. If I don't feel like my planned chicken and veges for dinner but rather oats and powder - what's wrong with that? I shouldn't have to ask myself have I trained so can I have starchy carbs. Even though I may be termed an "athlete" I want to eat "normally" but what is normal?

Friend and Coach Liz says "normal" is:

- eating well most of the time and being able to switch gears if you truly want to eat something different
- totally normal to eat for reasons other than hunger, sometimes just for the sheer joy of it
- normal to wake up and not always feel like "eating healthy" or veggies or whatever
- totally normal not to feel like cooking and have oats for dinner

And my beautiful friend Katie wrote to me earlier and mentioned a few very valid points which she's going to turn into a blog post later (I hope) as she's such a better writer than me.

So, from this point forward I declare I will not restrict or deprive myself of any food on this earth. Everything in moderation!