Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Size Does NOT Fit All !!

Inspired by KatieP's vegetarianism eating post and speaking with Liz today on what's working for her thought I'd share what a carnivorous athlete is eating today:

5 am - 25g pea protein, serve biotest superfood, 10 mls flaxseed oil blended into shake
7.30 am - 150g curry beef mince, 200g asparagus and english spinach
10.15 am - 150g garlic and rosemary lamb, 200g english spinach and silverbeet (this is before my strength training with Liz and I figure if popeye got strong eating spinach then I will too)
11 am - during training biotest surge
12.30 pm - post workout 40g oats, serve protein powder
3.30 pm - 200g fresh fish with cajun spices, 100g snow peas, 100g green beans, 50g cottage cheese
6 pm - 180g curry prawns, 100g broccoli, 100g zucchini, 20g raw cashews
8 pm - 30g raw mixed nuts & pumpkin seeds

Just over 2000 calories. Protein and veg with each feeding and some healthy fats. Some days I have steak, some days turkey mince, some days chicken. Obviously being the carb tolerant one I am I need to chuck in a high carb day every few days but all part of the experiment. What works for you??