Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night I went to the Treasury Casino for a Hen's Night. What a fabulous night it turned out to be. We dined at the Marco Polo (5 star) restaurant which had me thinking about my book "French Women Don't Get Fat" and the reason why. Each course was a small serving. Enough to be satisfied and therefore not enough to feel stuffed and really full afterwards. I was really proud of myself and again practiced my learnings of late. I declined the bread, had a side of steamed bok choy in oyster sauce for entree and an entree size green curry prawns (3 prawns) with pickled cucumber for main with veges also. I didn't order a dessert but had a taste of someone elses. My only downfall was the complimentary chocolates at the end brought with the bill which I think I had 2 or 3. By this stage I was quite merry on my cosmopolitans and vodkas so willpower had flown right out the window.

After dinner we headed to the LiveWire bar for a bit of dancing. This is where it got funny or at least I thought so. Security kept asking me to take my hat off. Of course, I didn't want to because I'd have hat hair so being the cheeky, rebellious gal I am would take it off then put it back on when they walked away. After about the fifth time I was told "ma'am - if I have to tell you one more time we're going to ask you to leave". Seriously, do I look like a security risk?

After getting lost from the rest of the group it was time for me to head on home in the early hours of the morning. Thought I'd put on a brave face this morning and head for a cardio interval session with my training partner which I realised about 20 mins in, when I wanted to ralph, probably wasn't such a smart move. Apparently I reaked of alcohol too. Anyway, got a short session done and feeling much better this afternoon. On a good note, the scales went down 1.5 kilos this morning - gotta love dehydration, until tomorrow when they go back up that is!