Monday, September 29, 2008


Is tracking along nicely. Got Liz on the job again of whipping me into tip top shape with a goal in the future in mind and together training with Liz and Nicole is having me look forward to each and every session. I'm getting stronger and leaner at the same time which is a fantastic feeling.

Mentally I'm feeling really strong. Doing some great work with my psyche and learning that I am far stronger that I ever believed.

Food has been really enjoyable and moderate now that I'm no longer "on" a diet but rather just eating what it is I feel like.

Hubby arrived home yesterday morning after being away in Vegas for week the past week. Guess what he brought me home? Another 2 litres of duty free Absolut Vodka so now I have a total of 6 litres. Think he's trying to tell me something?

My eldest son arrived on Saturday night for a week in the holidays so has been hogging my computer again so I haven't really had a chance to do any work. As well my daughter came home from her week away so now it's a full house again.

Work is going really well. I've got really lovely clients and some are doing fantastically well which makes my job really easy and enjoyable. There's always the few that are hard work but this is what tests me and helps me become an even better trainer.

Really looking forward to helping Gil get ready this weekend to step on stage at INBA. She's a beautiful girl who is going to shine on stage. She has an awesome set of abs so look out for those.

Have a great week everyone