Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Original post name I know. Let's see what's been happening in the past couple of days:

1 Got my orthotics yesterday. Wearing for an hour or two a day to break in without ending up with blisters or sore feet. I'm hoping that these will take some of the pressure off my knees by correcting my feet alignment and allowing me to engage my posterior chain more and perfect my squat under load.

2 Have now started carb/calorie cycling after completing 14 days of lean and green having my first high carb day yesterday.

3 Liz hammered my butt again today so I'm expecting to barely walk over the next couple of days. If walking is accomplished it'll just be moaning and whinging going up the stairs!

4 I used lifting straps today for the first time doing deadlifts as last week I struggled with gripping and holding the bar. Today was very successful in this regard so a goal's now been set to work towards weight/lifting wise.

5 KatieP is arriving tomorrow. I'm picking her up from the airport around lunchtime and can't wait to give her a big hug as I know she's needing support right now. It'll be great having her around for a few days. Hopefully hubby will be able to live with two of us in the house.

6 Another appointment with Janelle (Sports Psychologist) scheduled for tomorrow also. I've completed my homework which gets given every week. This weeks was writing down The "old" Shelley's Rules and secondly What's going to help me believe?

7 And finally I'm feeling fan-bloody-tastic!! Ready to take on the world all over again.