Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tonight, after seeing my psyche this arvo and also Lisa at lunchtime I've had time to sit and reflect on the positive changes that have happened over the past 10 days. In no particular order:

- I've dropped 1% body fat
- I've eaten "lean and green" 100%
- I stopped myself from binging on nuts and nut spread
- I no longer crave sugar or artificial sweeteners
- I've tried lots of new foods eg asparagus, quinoa, pea protein, natural whey protein, biotest superfood
- I've got my 4 strength training sessions in each week
- I've engaged in recovery protocols
- I've sat at the table to eat for most meals at home
- I've practiced eating slowly, being mindful and in the moment, experienced the tastes and textures of my food, savoured my food, put my knife and fork down every few mouthfuls
- I've managed to get some reading in most days
- I'm rarely snappy and yelling at the kids, but rather calm and reasoning
- I've attracted 5 new clients (both online and one-on-one)
- I've mostly had 8 hours sleep per night with a few of hour and a half long arvo naps
and lastly I survived the gravitron and sizzler with Sofie at Ekka.