Sunday, August 31, 2008

My World

This week has been extremely busy and until today I've not had time to blog. I've had lots and lots of work to catch up on, training to get done and homework to do.

Training's is going really really well with some cardio now being incorporated again which I'm really enjoying although at the time when I'm feeling nearly dead it's not that much fun. It's afterwards that I realise how good it was. My strength training is my most loved training with two sessions a week with Liz who is teaching me so much whilst also making me work hard and two sessions with Nicole who's continual encouragement keeps me pushing on.

Nutrition has been really good also. I'm doing a little experiment with calorie and carb cycling at the moment collecting data to see how this works for me. So far, so good. Interesting but also exciting when a higher day arrives. I'll write about my results later down the track.

On the homework front I've had to write up my new rules (or guidelines as KatieP suggested) turning the old Shelley's rules around. I've also made up a inspiration wall behind my computer to look at. Pictured below:

This sort of positivity is really helping me get myself back together again.

On the work front, I've decided to scale back on my online personal training business to focus more on one-on-one clients at Genesis. I find it much more satisfying but also the online work is really time consuming for me and I'd rather use this extra time with face to face clients so I'll finish up with my current client base and will not take on any others at this point in time. With summer nearly upon us I've had 5 new clients just this past week so no doubt it's only gonna get busier.

Hubby and I went to a wedding yesterday which was really nice and for the first time in a long time I felt good about how I look. I know I'm not looking as good as I can but I've accepted where I'm at right now. Doesn't mean I'll sit back and be complacent but rather work on improving every aspect of mind, body and soul in unison.