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About Me…

Firstly, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Shelley Stark. I am 37 years old, married to a wonderful husband and have 3 beautiful children aged 15, 9 & 5. I moved to Brisbane in May 2007 which gave me the opportunity to get involved in something that I’m very passionate about – Health and Fitness and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Embarking on a health and fitness journey of my own and now turning my passion to helping others has been a dream, a goal… achieved.

I love what I do, and I love helping others change their life for the better showing them that improved health and well-being leads to greater confidence, emotional stability and physical strength, and of course a toned body and a longer life. I’ve had many excuses to just continue with the ordinary, but by realising my goals, and striving to achieve the, I’ve made an ordinary outcome turn into an extraordinary achievement.


Having the body of your dreams
Having more energy each day
Feeling more confident, sexy, attractive, comfortable in your own skin
Being fitter and stronger
Living life to the fullest
Looking in the mirror and liking what you see


Having your own personal Coach to guide, motivate and help you along your journey.

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I offer…

Personalised weight loss programs
Online and/or one-on-one coaching and training
Training programs
Nutritional education
Lifestyle coaching
Product supply

“Whatever you imagine, I can help you achieve. Working together Imagine Personal Training can help turn your dreams into realities.”

Here’s what other clients have said…

I have been training in gyms for a number of years, and have seen many different styles personal trainers adopt to train there clients. Not all appealing I must say. In 2007/08 I competed in INBA and ANB figure competitions ,and whilst this was an amazing experience it is very taxing on the body and mind. I found the effects continued with me after the competition had been and gone. I changed gyms for a number of reasons and this was when and where I met Shelley. I was instantly drawn to her vibrant yet professional manner. I remember thinking to myself here is a personal trainer who loves her job and knows what she is talking about. I recall watching Shell train herself in the gym one day and I thought this chick doesn’t mess around. It appealed to me as I am not afraid to train hard and lift heavy either.

I had been training on my own for a short time after the competitions but found I quickly lost motivation. I wanted to find a trainer who would keep me motivated and who would genuinely care about my goals and had the dedication to help me achieve them.

Every session with Shelley has been challenging, stimulating and so much fun, although I don’t always think that at the time. Since training with Shell I feel stronger and fitter than ever before. I seen results within the first two weeks. Shell not only helped me with the training aspect but she is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutritional information.

The advice, guidance and genuine support Shelley has provided me far exceeds that of any other trainer I have had dealing with. What separates and puts Shelley ahead of the rest is she puts her heart and soul into her clients. When you are training with her, you have her undivided attention, for the entirety of that time, she is just as passionate as you are about achieving your goals. If anyone will help you chase your goals, Shelley will-and she won’t stop until you have achieved them.

I look forward to our sessions each week and I know I can rely on Shelley to give me a great ‘honest’ workout each time. She is my trainer and as a result now one of my close and very dear friends.

Shell has helped me believe in myself. She always pushes and challenges me both mentally and physically every work out and as a result I have achieved goals I never thought I could. Even when I am having a low day or I think I just don’t have the energy, Shell snaps me out of it.

Shelley, you in my eyes are the most uplifting inspirational, motivated and passionate trainer I have met. It is an absolute pleasure to train with you and it is truly the highlight of my day. Thank you.

Kylie Larfield, Qld

Towards the end of 2008 I approached Shelley regarding her journey of entering the INBA body building competition earlier in 2008. I was keen to enter but hesitant as I had only heard bad things about competing in body building competitions with regards to diet. As I am a fitness instructor I taught up to 20 classes per week, mostly RPM, which is a high intensity cardio class along with BodyPump. I was not lean, always extremely tired, did not eat much and was at a weight of around 59 kilos, height 159 cms. After speaking to Shelley and being encouraged by her enthusiasm and belief that I could enter a body building competition, I thought about things and decided to give it a try. I knew I had to lose at least 10 kilos and thought that the first 5 would be relatively easy and that it would be hard from there on in. Shelley’s wonderful down to earth approach in explaining and encouraging me to eat healthily and adopt a different attitude to food and fitness is so compelling that I felt honour-bound to at least try it – and the plain simple truth is it works!

With Shelley’s guidance and support we worked out a plan to see how my body reacted for the first couple of weeks. I was not restricted by what I was allowed to eat plus I was able to factor in a treat each day which consisted of low fat ice cream and a chocolate flake, every day! We never referred to my regime as a diet. This is a lifestyle not a diet. My intake of food increased substantially, the weight started to fall off. Shelley was fully aware of my exercise schedule and we spoke many times about my high cardio regime, slowly I started to put more and more trust into Shelley’s advice and started to cut back on classes and to my surprise I was still seeing results, not hungry, looking fantastic and had heaps more energy. On looking back I had completely killed my metabolism, hence I was not getting anywhere, doing too much cardio which was making me hungrier and craving sweet sugary foods. From being a BodyPump fanatic I embraced the free weights and have never looked back!

I could not have achieved any of this without Shelley’s professional guidance, support and advice. Not only did the first 5 kgs come off easily but I have to say that the whole journey of losing a total of 15 kgs by the time I stepped on stage, was not as hard as what I had imagined it to be. I won’t pretend, there were hard days but Shelley would always be there and would know exactly what to do to help on those days, whether it was to increase calories, advise a rest day or simply support me by saying ‘hang on in there you are doing great’.

Today, 8 weeks post-comp, I am 50 kgs, eat clean and well during the week. I now enjoy my weekends with family and friends, never worry about eating that piece of cake or biscuit. I now only teach RPM, and only 6 classes per week, I have retired from teaching BodyPump, it’s the free weights that will make you a lean, mean fighting machine! All this knowledge I have learnt from Shelley and I will say it again I would not have made it here to my happy place without her help. Not only was the journey to the stage a pleasant one but I now live by what I have learnt, I eat regularly, I never ever skip meals, I train smartly and rest when I need to. I cannot recommend Shelley enough. You will not be disappointed, you will see from my before and after photos the results that I got all within 4 months. This is the best thing I have ever, ever done, I only wish I had done it earlier, do it today book an appointment with Shelley, she will be there for you on the good days and the bad days. I cannot thank Shelley enough. She truly has changed my whole perspective on eating and training.

Marie Hobman, 13th July 2009

I started training with Shelley early in 2008 with a goal of toning up and getting the body I desired. I really wanted to feel confident and positive about my body, something I had not done in quite a few years. I was not a large person at 5’3 and weighing 56kgs but I was very uncomfortable. During my training with Shelley, she was also in training, but for a much more challenging goal, the INBA competition.

Watching the amazing transformation in Shelley and seeing changes in my own body I became really interested in natural body building. I decided in December 08 that I wanted to take things to that next level so I spoke with Shelley and made the decision to start body building.

Shelley was amazing throughout my journey. I would not have been able to get through it without her daily support, encouragement and nutrition advice. I spoke to Shelley every single day and whenever I was finding things a little tough she would always provide me the strength and determination to soldier on.

I reached my goal and competed in the INBA in May 09. I have never felt more satisfaction than being up on that stage looking and feeling fantastic. I would not have achieved this if it were not for Shelley and especially her realistic approach to nutrition. I was never on a diet and was able to enjoy the foods I loved.

I have an enormous amount of trust in the professional advice provided by Shelley and would highly recommend anyone with a fitness or weight loss goal, be it small or large to put themselves in her extremely capable hands.

I will be forever grateful for the advice, support and friendship I have received from Shelley.

Thank you!!
Melinda Leach, QLD

As a health professional I know how important it is to look after yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always been an advocate of getting professional help to ensure you get the best outcome – I go to a hairdresser to get my hair done, I get my car serviced by a mechanics, if I’m sick I’ll go to a doctor, however when it came to exercise and nutrition I thought I’d be ok to do it on my own. For the last 5 or so years I’ve been exercising on and off, trying to eat healthier but I always seem to fall off the wagon on Friday nights at 5pm; drinks with the girls!

Two months ago I decided to enlist in professional help and get a personal trainer – Shelley Stark – and as an added bonus she has experience in nutrition too. She put together a program for me that included cardio and weights at the gym and revamped my nutrition.

Exercise. I’m going to be honest – it was hard at first. Shelley found my limits and then pushed me that little bit further. I train 4 times a week in the gym, once with Shelley, and then do some other cardio activity twice a week. After about 4 weeks on the same program I was starting to get used to it and was pretty happy with how everything was going. Apparently getting used to exercise is a big no-no – it means your body is no longer being pushed and you also run the risk of getting board so Shelley changed my program. Still a combination of cardio and weights but completely different and exciting, and once again hard! Shelley has a library of exercises in her head at all times – if I can’t do an exercise for some reason or another she’s already got another to replace it. I’ve been doing my second program for 4 weeks now and its time for another change – I’m actually looking forward to seeing what she throws at me next.

Nutrition. The change in what I was eating was probably the biggest surprise. I wasn’t eating enough! I was also not eating enough of a variety. It started with just small changes like introducing morning and afternoon tea. The best bit however is that nothing is forbidden. I have still have Friday night drinks with the girls, most days I’ll have something sweet after dinner – I just make sure that I eat enough of the good stuff too. It’s also all under my control; I plan all my own meals so I know I’m going to enjoy it. Shelley checks my nutrition everyday and will give me suggestions on changes I can make to improve my plan, most commonly however she’s telling me to add a treat – chocolate, ice-cream, cheesecake – something Shelley feels is an important part of a balanced day.

The thing I appreciate most about Shelley is that she understands that while I wanted to change my training and nutrition I didn’t want to change my lifestyle. I still go out for dinner and drinks with friends, I didn’t want to give up chocolate, and some days after work I’m just too tired to exercise – but that’s all ok. I still make mistakes, but instead of giving up, Shelley is there to encourage me and get me back into it.

Since beginning training with Shelley I’m fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. You are there for me 24 hours a day with encouragement, advice and understanding. I would like this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me – I absolutely could not have done it without you.

Alex Forde, Qld